Anaesthetic for knee arthroscopy

You will normally have a general anaesthetic for your knee arthroscopy surgery although if you want to be awake we can do this with a spinal injection. Most of our knee arthroscopy patients go home on the same day as their operation.

Before your operation we routinely give you pain killers so they are working for when you wake up

During your operation Mr Qureshi will inject some strong local anaesthetic into your knee. Most of our arthroscopy patients wake up with little or no pain

After your operation you will be written up for

  1. Regular pain killers
  2. Stronger pain killers that you take should the regular ones not be strong enough.

It is very important to take the regular pain killers even if you feel the pain is not too bad as you may have little pain due to the local anaesthetic masking the pain. If you have not taken your tablets then your pain will be worse when the local anaesthetic wears off.

Please see the following leaflets for more information on your anaesthetic: