Seriously, I’m pain free. No pain in my knee at all. I only get bits of muscular pain because I’m still trying to build the muscle back up. I’m off all painkillers and tablets, which is quite weird, considering I’ve been in a fog for several years! The lack of pain has meant that I’ve been able to exercise more but mostly that I don’t feel miserable and eat cake! I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You can’t underestimate what a difference it makes not to be in constant pain; it’s absolutely life-changing
— Knee Surgery Patient
Just thought I send you a pic of me riding my horse for the first time in a very long six months! Thank you so much for all your efforts and hard work over the past two/three years, so happy I now have a straight leg!!
— Knee Surgery Patient
Just a brief note to say thank you for my new knee. My wife, in the background, also says thank you. It has been like a good friend, accompanying me everywhere and not saying too much. I took it skiing in December where it behaved very well. Not a twinge. And currently walking miles several times a week, usually to and up hill. We are in training for the great wall of China in March.
— Knee Surgery Patient
Thanks to Amir Qureshi I now have a normal life back - in just 8 weeks I have been transformed from someone who could barely move due to knee pain, back to full mobility. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thank you for my fantastic new knee!
— Knee Surgery Patient
Just wanted to report back after a week of skiing after my HTO a year ago: no knee pain at all! I was anxious, but with the suggested Donjolly brace, I was able to ski as much as my other lack of fitness would let me!
— Knee Surgery Patient

I think that Mr Qureshi is a miracle worker. He is certainly my local hero and the best knee surgeon in Southampton! From suffering constant pain and the sound of crunchy bones when walking, I now have two new knees that allow me to return to, and enjoy, many activities that were previously impossible. Six weeks after surgery, I was even able to tackle a 10km walk in the New Forest in rather boggy conditions. Gardening is also once again a pleasure.

Mr Qureshi has a very courteous and professional manner, and he inspired confidence prior to the operation. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for knee surgery and have already done just that for one of my friends.
— Knee Surgery Patient

My husband is doing amazingly well after his knee replacement operation. All due to your expertise and dedicated surgery. After just a few weeks, he is walking unaided with no pain and the scar is almost non-existent. We would both really recommend Mr Qureshi at Spire Southampton Hospital, all of the staff from reception to nurses were very kind and caring, we are grateful for everybody’s care and treatment.
— Knee Replacement Surgery Patient

It has now been a year since my knee alignment surgery (osteotomy) and I am back to doing the things I love. This is down to your amazing work. The treatment received from you and all of your team was first class from start to finish. Since the day of the operation, I have been pain-free in my right knee and although my lower leg was painful for a little while (you did warn me!). I am now able to go out walking with the family and not fall behind. I am able to join in other family activities that this time last year I was unable to do. I am able to sleep at night without waking up in pain and in the last couple of weeks I have been able to go back to studio cycling which I love!

I think the sentence that sums up what I’m trying to say, is that you have changed my life. Thank you.
— Osteotomy Patient

Thank you for being not only so efficient but also so informative and reassuring with regard to my arthroscopy – the personalised commentary on the DVD is a terrific idea, although I fear it will never secure a BAFTA nomination!

Again, many thanks, and here’s hoping your skill and expertise will secure as satisfactory a result as two years ago.
— A. Smith

The recent operation that you carried out on my knee has been wonderfully successful .
I experienced no discomfort during or after the operation and I am also delighted with the straightening of my leg .
Thanks to yourself ,the Anaesthetist , and all of the team Nurses and staff for the care and professional expertise , which has now made such a difference to the quality of life for my wife and myself .
— KC Knee Patient

It is now more than six months since you operated on my left knee to effect a total replacement. My reason for writing is quite simple, it is just to thank you for carrying out such a successful piece of surgery. I am now pain free, due entirely to your skill in carrying out the operation which I must admit I was not looking forward to. Thank you once again.
— Mr W, Knee Replacement Patient

Gareth Bennet, 29

I am Mr Gareth Bennett, a 29 year old soldier who dislocated my right knee and required a multiple ligament reconstruction 

The injury happened while playing football for the military, I hyper extended my right leg to the point of dislocation and then twisted as I came to the ground resulting in a grade 3 tear to my ACL and LCL (which required artificial replacements), a severed peroneal nerve, damage to both the PCL and MCL (which required hamstring grafts) and damage to the lateral meniscus cartilage and torn muscles.

I injured myself on the 1st of October 2014, I received an arthroscopy on the 14th October and a reconstruction on the 24th October and my 6 week check was on the 9th December, to which I was able to walk without crutches or a leg brace with ease (less for the nerve damage which resulted in drop foot) and the knee was completely stable and my recovery well ahead of schedule.

I would again like to thank Mr Qureshi for what he has done for me 

Thanks again.

Mr Gareth Bennett